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Track Name: Patoirlove w/ someone else's beat - HOT AIR BALLOON
------------ LYRICS: written by: PATOIRLOVE---Beat given- collaboration--4/6/13
Intro: Ohh...Ohhh
Everyone is always wondering what I’m about.
I can tell ya but you’ll hear from word of mouth.
The world’s got me hanging by a string but now
you’re all wondering if gravity can even hold me down.

OHH..OHHH... I’m in a hot air balloon & I’m leaving town.
OHH..OHHH...nothing’s stopping me.. til I hit the ground.
OHH...OHH...I’m in a hot air balloon & I’m leaving town.
OHH...OHH nothing’s stopping me..even if I am found.
... even if I am found.
... even if I am found.

This is for the famous ones who died just for fame
or maybe they had fame the whole time in this game
what is fame anyway? it’s insane-
crossing paths with you but in a different lane

So everyone will listen to the recordings when you’re dead
& everyone will repeat..everything you ever said..
the future me will repeat -repeat what I can-
but now the present is the past..there the second went..


Hide & seek. hide & hide and seek. you play it as a little kid..kid on the street.
but now will you play with me?.where am I? I’ll hide, you find.. can you see?
am I hidden in the cabinet underneath? am I in the tree-house or in between trees?
can you even find me? will you ever find me? do I even exist? am I a ghost in your dreams?
Would you take it or let it float....if the bottle had note?
did you ever think maybe.. I’m a line that you’ve wrote?
did you ever think maybe...i’m a page in your book..
that if you only took a look..your entire life would be shook ..
but you shut it and you slept. and you slept & you dreamt...
& you thought you would wake up but you never did.
....but you never did -[ I can’t stand still.. nahh I’ve got a world to see.]XX