RUNAWAY​(​Audio Song Book)

by Patoirlove



RUNAWAY is a short story recorded into an audio book (w/ chapters) using song... (freestyling/ creating on the go).. hence "songbook." It is half of a two part series.. as the story will have a sequel. The second part will be called FLYAWAY.. so together it is..


This was inspired into existence after making the YouTube video:
Runaway- A "Short Story Song Film" Patoirlove had just finished making the day prior.

This audio book was created entirely by Patoirlove. It consists of made up on the spot (freestyling lyrics) vocals that were put to a beat (that changes slightly throughout each chapter). There are also mandolin riffs that were made in the moment as well. This entire "book" or rather... "song book" was written in the sky in the moment.. as Patoirlove thought, sung & spoke. She cut some of the nonsense out however just to please the listeners & keep the story going.

The mandolin is tuned to the love frequency of 528Hz. Using her imagination often in this songbook, Patoirlove intends to expand the mind & overall consciousness of the listener while bringing a sense of warmth and comfort to them. It is a nice reminder to broaden our waves of thought & to let loose; to use our imaginations as we did when we were kids. ;) Listen she is actually telling a story. ;)

It is possible she will also make this into a readable book...


released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Patoirlove New York, New York

Heart drips spraying @ your soul....

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