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The idea sparked on 10/20/2018... as Patoirlove then featured it in a YouTube video as an "example of a hit song". Half jokingly because it wasn't even really completed but she still had faith in it. The next day she still felt a strong desire to go back and edit it. to really make a HIT SONG... so she recorded it the best way she could.. again in "Glitter World"(on her iPhone with a glitter case), mixed, mastered and released 10/22/18 technically cos it is 2:04am (but still 10/21 11:04 west coast time if we were still there. She spent a great deal on this song, but it was basically two days in a row; one of her quickest to see the light. Spread the JOY. One of her favorites.. tuned in 528hz (miracle tone), featuring female vocals, guitar, electronics, mandolin, beats, efx, etc. All done by: Patoirlove


All Rights (c) Patoirlove
Written, Performed, & Recorded By: Danielle Patoir

Verse 1:
She asked me “Oh, would you?
“Would I what? Oh, could you?
She asked me” did I?”
Did I what? Oh, may I?
All these blanks to fill in
& all this communication
And oh oh oh oh o body language
I try.. but did I ..get it right?

When I’m with ..YOU
I feel like- I picked the four leaf clover
With YOU
I feel my heart pumping in my chest
When I’m with YOU
Oh, I can sing this over and over..
Let’s do what we do & put “good- luck to the test
Ahh oh

Verse 2:
She tells me, you take notice
More than anyone I know
& when I glance in your eyes
I feel like I’m flying high
Oh, for sure you must be the one.


{with some talking mixed in throughout:.. "uh huh yeah, fill up the cup.. stay grateful"}

Ohhh I’m aliiiiiive
Am I? Oh, Am I?
Speak up, speak your mind

{guitar riffs}
It feels so good
To be aliiiiiveee.. (drag out over riffs)
It feels so good
To be aliiiiiiiiiveeee (drag out over riffs)
Oh my
Oh my

Let’s do what we do & put “good- luck to the test
Let’s see what we do with the love in our chest now


released October 21, 2018


all rights reserved



Patoirlove New York, New York

Heart drips spraying @ your soul....

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